Repairing and Maintenance

Our annual servicing prices vary depending on the number of units to be maintained and also the unit type. For a cost effective service, we recommend our annual service agreement.

1 – Basic service – fixed number of visits a year to meet your requirements.
2 – Basic service and free call outs.
3 – Basic service, free call outs and parts included.

Congestion charges and parking are charged in addition, and depending on your service agreement level, any spare parts necessary due to failure or fair wear and tear may not be included, nor is the cost of fitting these items.

A/C and refrigeration equipment maintenance visits will consist generally of the following checks:

  • Check and clean the condenser (outdoor unit) and evaporator (indoor unit) coils and fins.
  • Check fan, fan motor, compressor and compressor mountings.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Check operation of heater and any interlocks.
  • Check fuses and test operation of electrical isolator and protection devices.
  • Check condensate pump and float/sensor.
  • Check and flush condensate drain and tray, descale and add water treatment as necessary.
  • Check condensate drain pipe work for water tightness.
  • Check air ducts, air grilles, filters and insulation.
  • Check refrigerant pipe work for integrity and thermal insulation.
  • Monitor refrigerant suction and liquid line temperature and pressure.
  • Check expansion valves.
  • Check start and running current.
  • Check Delta T across coil in cooling and heating modes.
  • Check unit operation, controls and settings.
  • Ensure unit is clean and damage -free.

All vehicles carry a commitment of spare parts to enable the rectification of common problems with a minimum of fuss and if necessary, we will provide you with a quotation for works required before proceeding with any repairs.

Call 020 3551 8936 to discuss an annual service agreement for your business.

    Before                            After                           Filter Cleaning

Before   After   Both
            Coldroom condenser coil before                                                                    Coldroom condenser coil after
  Coldroom condenser coil beforeColdroom condenser coil after

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