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We are very proud to be approved suppliers for Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Samsung – established reliable names you can rely on within our industry.

By working with us, you have a wide variety of air conditioning systems available to you, all with warranties to ensure you have cover and support, in the highly unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Understanding how air conditioning works, will help you to make an informed decision on the type of unit you require.

How does air conditioning work?

Basically, air conditioning is a scaled up fridge, with fans and some electrics. It works on the same principle as a fridge, with refrigerant flowing through the pipework in the condenser.  The condenser expels warm air and cool air is blown indoors via the evaporator.

Heat Pump technology has to do with thermal transfer taking heat energy from outside, air/ground/water, and transferring it indoors to provide heating. The COP (coefficient of performance) rating of an air conditioner indicates its efficiency relative to power consumption, e.g. a COP rating of 3 means that for 1KW of electrical input, the unit outputs 3KW of heat. SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance) is averaged to take into account seasonal fluctuations, as in when it’s really cold outside (winter) the A/C would have to work harder to provide hot air than if the outside air temperature is milder (spring). The same applies to cooling.

Interesting fact, even frozen peas contain heat energy. Heat energy is considered to be present until absolute zero is reached, which is a decidedly chilly -273.15ºC.

Heat Recovery technology makes use of a heat exchanger to recycle heat exiting a building and re-use it to assist in the tempering of air entering the building. It is more efficient than a standard heat pump. This technology has been successfully employed in air conditioning and fresh air/ventilation applications.

Types of air conditioning units

We provide Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. These units can cool and heat. You can choose from the following types of units in our range:

  • Condenser – outdoor unit.
  • Evaporator – indoor unit.
  • Split – 1 condenser, 1 evaporator.
  • Multi Split – 1 condenser, many evaporators, each with its own pipe run back to the condenser.
  • HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • 3 pipe VRV/VRF – 1 condenser, many evaporators, usually installed in series (heat recovery system, indoor units can provide heating and cooling from different units on the system, at the same time).

Click here to understand more about VAV vs VRF or call us now on 0203 551 8936 to discuss your needs.

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